Dr Brendan J Gomez

Type of Coach

I am an Applied Developmental and Counseling Psychologist

(not a Clinical Psychologist)



PhD (Applied Developmental Psychology), Pennsylvania State University

MA (Counseling Psychology), Lewis University, Illinois

BSc(Hons)(Genetics), University Malaya

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Type of Clients

As a Counseling Psychologist, I work with clients in the low and medium difficulty range of the mental health spectrum. For the most part, I work with clients with everyday life issues including personal development, work-related, family-related, relationship issues, youth issues, academic/school/university issues, career issues, adjustment issues, personal and social changes, grief, community issues, personality issues, and other related stressors and life challenges.

Thus, many of my clients struggle with one or more of the following: anxiety, worry, confusion, self-esteem, self-actualization, depression, adjustment, loneliness, and related matters.

Age Group: 15 – 65 years old (Teens to Middle Age)

Potential clients with more severe mental health challenges such as severe substance abuse, eating disorders, personality disorders, severe trauma (such as from sexual abuse), and psychotic disorders are referred out to people I collaborate with including Clinical Psychologists, Substance Abuse Counselors, and Psychiatrists.


Type of Interventions

I use different tools when working with my clients depending on the nature of his/her challenges. This includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, psycho-social interventions, and family therapy.



Guiding frameworks

Eclectic Approach combining time-tested frameworks in Cognitive, Behavioral, Developmental and Social Psychology with more applied frameworks in Coaching Psychology, i.e. Positive Psychology, Positive Youth Development, and Emotional Intelligence.



Years of Professional Working Experience

Since 1998



Licensing and regulatory Information

I belong to the Malaysian Psychological Association.

Unlike professional counsellors, currently, there are no registration or licensing board for psychologists in Malaysia.

My past professional memberships include The American Psychological Association, The Australian Psychological Society, The American Counseling Association, and The Malaysian Mental Health Association.




Monday – Saturday

9.30am – 10.30am

11.00am – 12.00pm

1.00pm – 2.00pm

8.00pm – 9.00pm (Emergencies Only)

11.00pm – 12.00am (Emergences Only)

Please Email to explore available dates:

Brendan  (at)  peopletransformers (dot) com

To secure a date and avoid disappointment, we suggest making the appointment as far ahead as possible – with a minimum of 1 week prior.



Working as “Lego” Blocks

My sessions are structured as blocks. Each block has 4 sessions. Each session is 1 – 1hr 15 mins long.

This Block framework helps ensure clients maximize the opportunities in personal development. For some, only one block of sessions is needed. Many benefit from two blocks. And some might continue to three blocks. These blocks help us plan and set tangible goals to work towards in a specific timeframe.

Between sessions, there are likely assignments that clients will be given that help in reflection and skill practice.




Please wait for us to confirm your first appointment before making payment.

Once the date is set, you will be asked to make payment.

Payment is made by blocks, and is made a minimum of 1 week before the 1st session.

If you have a promotional code, ensure you include this when you send us receipt of your payment.

Kindly note that we are not set-up to accept payment from your insurance company. 

Face-to-Face Meets

The client and I will discuss where to meet.

For locations beyond the Klang Valley, there will be additional costs for travel (and lodging).

Face-to-face meets are not available for promotional codes.

During 2021, due to the Covid pandemic, we will most likely have all appointments online.



Change of Dates & Cancelation Policy

If you need to change your date of appointment, please email us 1 week ahead (or a minimum of 2 days prior). We will do the same if there is a need to change dates.

As our schedule is tight, there is no refund* for any cancelations received less than 47 hours prior to the time of the set appointment.

If the coach has to change the appointment in less than 47 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, we will provide an additional session (or additional time in the next session) for free.

(* a change in less than 47 hours can be made without cost on documented emergency/compassionate grounds, e.g. accident, severe illness, death of loved one)