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Helping Every Individual and Organization Reach the Joy of New Heights as They Make their Journey in the World


What if you could find inner strengths, social solutions, and a new drive to reach your purpose in life?


What if you could turn every challenge into opportunities that create success for your team and organization?


What if we can problem-solve together to create solutions that change things for the better?

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About Us

People T is a social entrepreneurship that envisions the nurturing of healthy societies in Asia. As a First-Choice Provider for many of our clients, we create and provide customized people development and psychological services that include workforce/management programs in critical people skills, personal development coaching and counseling, and group psychosocial support.


We use a Positive People Development framework in our approach towards Resilient-Building, with an emphasis on Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness.


Our services builds from the 25 years of passion and experience of its founder in helping people and organizations thrive through psychologically challenging times. Having gone through difficulties ourselves, we understand tough situations you may be facing in your life and the life of your organization, and the importance of developing resilience.


Our philosophy is that every human person is valuable in making our communities, organizations and families successful. It is with this that we are keen to invest time in you, recognizing your personhood, gifts, experiences, challenges and strengths.


People T tailors interventions to the needs of its clients because we recognize that each person and organization is different. We invest time in understanding your situation, and work with you to develop solutions.


Our experience in multiple fields from psychology, management, education, counseling, leadership, sciences and human development provides rich resource for us to share our experience and tools in helping navigate difficulties and facilitate thinking and actions that contribute towards effective solutions.


We know no instant “happy-ever-afters” exist, and thus we are keen in being a long-term partner in your journey of discovery, change and success. We are a small outfit, fitted with a big heart. And we are here for you.


Having known and collaborated with Dr Brendan Gomez for close to a decade now, I have found him to be a man of tremendous intellect, humanity and heart. Many have great intellect – Brendan’s X-factor comes from the charisma and passion he brings to what he does and that enables him to instil the confidence that others need to have that he has their best interests and heart. It’s what makes him an effective agent of transformation. Team EQ Strategist are blessed to have and continue to journey with him ~ Dominic Siow, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Creating Workspace Culture That Inspires The Very Best From Its People

Brendan is a knowledgeable and engaging psychologist who has a deep understanding of the needs of children and youth. He is an excellent speaker, develops strong rapport with youth as well as colleagues, and has a broad understanding of the ways that we can build resilience in young people, in schools, and with parents. He is passionate and his enthusiastic style and strong communication skills has allowed him to work in a wide variety of settings including universities, schools, youth development programs, as well as industry and the corporate world. He has worked internationally in numerous contexts and I recommend his services for consulting on complex problems including building healthy and enduring relationships ~ Professor Dr Mark Greenberg, Founding Director of the Prevention Research Center, Pennsylvania State University & Chairperson at CREATE for Education

Our Story

Dr Brendan J Gomez
Consulting Psychologist & Founder

I began my journey into psychology after seeing so much emotional distress around me – in families, workplaces and schools. I felt compelled to see what could be done to enhance people skills, positive development, and resilience in our societies. I was blessed when the US Government awarded me the Fulbright – the 1st ever in the field of psychology in Malaysia, especially given that I was from a family that didn’t have much finances. My PhD at Penn State built on my MA in Counseling Psychology at Lewis University Illinois where I focused on interventions to help promote positive youth development and healthy families and communities. In 2009 and 2010, with my work at Nottingham University and Air Asia, I began to see how much of the skills gained was able to help people development in the workforce and improve organizational success. People Transformers is a cumulative success of various experiences that is shared and enriched by the team of people who I collaborate with. I am blessed to have met so many wonderful people who have mentored me, and clients who have enriched the experience and success of People Transformers.

Marta Urpinell López
Associate Coach

Having worked with adults and children as a Social Worker in Spain, the progression into coaching came naturally as I continue my keen interest in helping people struggling in life. It has brought happiness to me in working here in Malaysia conducting sessions in self-awareness and meditation as a Life Coach. Before migrating to Malaysia, with my BSW from University of Barcelona, I worked with people with special needs, expatriates, alcoholics and abusive men. I also assisted cancer patients as a volunteer at St Pau’s Hospital in Barcelona City. Having married a Malaysian, I first started teaching Spanish at The YMCA and at HELP University. As a Certified International Federation Coach and Licensed NLP practitioner, I am journeying with people looking for answers. 

Kathleen Choo
Associate Coach

I help individuals and teams to access the resilience needed to perform, survive & thrive in rapidly changing, disruptive work environments. As a certified teacher with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) USA, I have facilitated mindfulness workshops in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Malaysia; for diverse audiences ranging from start-up teams to executive coaches, and multinational corporates like PwC and PETRONAS. I am grateful to be among South East Asia’s pioneering trainers of mindfulness for corporate contexts, and am inspired by empowering people to live happier. I used to work in a high-stress performance-driven environment of the advertising and creative industry, and change management consultancy. This helped me bring to the table facilitation skills honed in high-pressure stakeholder engagements for governance reform and transformation labs. My work focuses on enabling creativity, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. I have an MA in International Communications from Macquarie University, Sydney; and an MBA from the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo. In my spare time, I teach pro bono for NGOs and non-profits.